Report by the Chair of Directors

April 2018 - March 2019

Firstly, my thanks to the Directors on the Board; your enthusiasm and tireless efforts for the Nursery are a credit to you all.  This year has seen us successfully steer the Nursery through a major change with new management, having taken up a lot of discussion time, and seeking advice from HR to keep us legally correct.  For this, I thank you all, as we continue in this next chapter of the Nursery’s future.  I would like to express our gratitude to Christine Bell who for many years lead the Nursery through highs and lows with the upmost level of care and consideration.  We wish Christine happiness and relaxation in her next chapter.

Secondly, my thanks to all the staff at GLNCC; without the excellent people we have working for us, some who have been with the Nursery many years, we would not be in the strong position of running to capacity in each room.  The devotion and care they show to the children is second to none and I thank them for their efforts.

We have a strong Board of Directors, with 9 at the moment, offering a wide knowledge of education, finance, business and childcare experience. We have shown resilience in our discussions in meetings ensuring that all have a voice, with the common aim of future proofing the business for the coming years. We have been ably assisted by our accountant, Jane Ascroft, who has steered us through the finances of a business such as ours seamlessly. With Jane’s guidance we now receive monthly financial reports from Jemma, allowing us as Directors to have a better understanding of the business. We have been unsuccessful in recruiting a clerk for the board despite numerous attempts, and my thanks go to David and Fiona who have multi-tasked through the meetings to produce the minutes in a professional manner.

Numbers at the Nursery have remained steady throughout the year, with almost 100 children spread across the rooms, with a further 60 children attending either before or after school clubs run by the staff.

Financially, our reliance on funding is showing with each monthly report from Jemma. A business of our scale needs to show commitment to sustainability, hence we have looked in great depth at our main expenses.  Income increased from 2017 mainly due to 30 hours funding; however, expenditure also increased partially due to the salary restructure for staff and the landscaping of the outside area for Tiggers and Pre-School.  As a management Board we are fully aware that the fees have not been looked at for a number of years so, as of May 2019 we have implemented a fee rise across all rooms.

With the new leadership team in place, we feel that we are addressing any concerns for the future of the business. With a strong Board of Directors and excellent staff, we are working to continue to offer the ‘Outstanding’ level of care, attention to detail and dedication needed to operate a great Nursery.

Iain Brown