Arrival and Departure -
children must be ‘handed across’ to a member of staff and will only be released to a person named on the child’s family and responsible adult form.

Induction – staff welcome parents and carers staying in the Nursery with their child until new friends have been made and the child is familiar with staff and their new environment. Parents and carers are more than welcome to phone up to seek reassurance from staff throughout the day.

Food and Drink - children are provided with regular drinks and food in adequate quantities for their needs. Food and drink are freshly prepared, nutritious, and comply with dietary and religious requirements. The Nursery has a 5 stars’ rating for food hygiene. Food is prepared in the Green Lane Primary School canteen kitchen. Children in the Nursery help to prepare their own snacks, daily.

Sleep – there are quiet areas where children can have ‘a nap’ during the day.

Changing – there are toilet and ‘change’ areas for children; staff ensure each child is cared for appropriately.

Clothing – children normally have a change of clothing, ‘wellies’ and a coat/hat/scarf in their bag; these allow children to be comfortable as well as appropriately clothed for outside activities.

First Aid – staff are trained in paediatric first aid; whilst minor matters will be dealt with in the Nursery, parents are contacted immediately should this be appropriate.

Unwell or ‘off colour’ - if a child is unwell or has a temperature, Nursery staff will contact the home and ask for the child to be collected.

Contacts between Nursery and home – text, email, letter, ‘phone and ‘in person’ contact can be used. Staff ask parents and carers to give sufficient time to activate requests or give details of changes of circumstances. Please contact the Nursery whenever you need to do so.